The Stirling Council area is one of the most beautiful in Scotland. It is a relatively affluent area that compares well to the rest of Scotland however a closer look reveals that stark inequalities persist in both urban and rural areas. It is home to families whose daily lives are a struggle and whose children are living in poverty.

The notion that Stirling should be “a place where everyone can thrive” underpins all that we do. Actions taken now will help to ensure that future generations do not grow up in poverty. We are aware that the causes and impacts of poverty are multi-faceted and that no one organisation can take on the range of challenges to be overcome if we are to make positive changes for those experiencing the most significant inequalities. We are committed to working with partners and our communities to improving the life chances, choices and opportunities of our children and young people experiencing poverty.


Last updated: Wednesday, May 11, 2022 4:24 PM