The Stirling Single Outcome Agreement (SOA) brought together the Stirling Community Planning Partners to agree to a vision for the Stirling area that would make a difference to the lives of its citizens and communities.   The SOA set out the strategic priorities that needed to be addressed to achieve this vision.  Those priorities were expressed as outcomes to be delivered by the partners, both individually and jointly. These local outcomes also contributed to the Scottish Government’s national outcomes.

After workshops with communities, community planning partners, equalities groups and joint workshops in 2012, a draft single outcome agreement was produced and submitted to the Scottish Government in April 2013 and following a period of consultation amongst Partners, Councillors and Community Members a final version was agreed. 

The SOA has now been replaced by The Stirling Plan (Local Outcome Improvement Plan) published in 2018.

Last updated: Wednesday, May 11, 2022 4:24 PM