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The following video link is to a property which had been empty for over 10 years. The Empty Homes Officer was able to advise and support both the old and new owner bring the property back into use.

Above video feature is thanks to BBC Scotland news – November 2015

If you own an empty property, wish to report an empty property or wish to buy an empty property, please contact Allyson Allison, Empty Homes Officer on 01786 237806 or 0746 4988 645.

An empty home is a privately owned property that has been unoccupied for 6 months or more. Empty homes are not only a wasted resource that could be used to help meet the need and demand for housing. They can also become an eyesore risking vandalism and damage from the elements. It is estimated that it costs around £7,000 a year to leave a home empty (that includes the cost of Council Tax, security boarding and potential lost rent). 

It is the responsibility of home owners to maintain their property and keep it in good order, however there are many reasons why properties become vacant long-term. It is Stirling Council’s intention to give owners as much help as possible to bring these homes back into use.  The Empty Homes Officer can provide information and advice to owners to help bring properties back into use. There are many options available, from help with finding a tenant to advice on selling or renovating the property. 

Information on the new Property Matchmaker Scheme

If you own an empty home and would like more information on bringing the property back into use please contact Allyson Allison, Empty Homes Officer, on 01786 237806, email or write to Empty Homes Officer, Allan Water House, Kerse Road, Stirling, FK7 7TE.

Report an Empty Property

If you are concerned about an empty property you can report it using the free national helpline. To report an empty home call 03445151941.

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