Stirling Council’s Procurement and Commissioning Strategy 2021-2025 sets out the procurement and commissioning objectives and actions for the Council during this period. It shows how these objectives and actions reflect our national and local aspirations and priorities, and will help us to meet the prevailing challenges that the Council faces. Further, it demonstrates the clear and strategically driven approach that is taken within the Council to all procurement activities.

The strategy sets out 8 clear procurement and commissioning objectives which will help Stirling Council to meet its operational needs.

These objectives are:
  1. Ensure that all procurement across Stirling Council is performed in a fair, transparent and cost effective manner, and is fully compliant with all the relevant procurement regulation.
  2. Ensure that our procurement processes are in line with recognised best practice in the public sector.
  3. Develop staff to generate creative market solutions through a professional, skilled and appropriately resourced procurement function. 
  4. Ensure that all contracts are proportionately managed during the life cycle of the procurement. 
  5. Increase our focus on sustainable procurement including the more innovative use of Community Benefits Clauses (CBCs) and targeting supplier’s corporate social responsibility policies.
  6. Continue to improve and develop access to public sector contracts, particularly for Small and Medium sized enterprises, Co-operatives and Social Enterprises.
  7. Strive to deliver the best possible procurement service by maximising efficiency in our processes, our e-procurement capability and our use of collaboration opportunities.
  8. Embed the principle of Continuous Improvement within our procurement methods and processes.

Download or view Stirling Council’s Procurement and Commissioning Strategy 2021-2025

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Last updated: Wednesday, January 19, 2022 11:42 AM