Stirling Council has used Purchasing Cards (Pcards) as a payment method for goods, services and works for many years.

As Stirling Council also utilises the Scottish Government's electronic purchasing tool PECOS (know as Easybuy) the use of Pcards should only be considered for specific categories/situations.

Where Pcards are determined to be the appropriate method to purchase and pay for Goods/Services/Works an approved cardholder will initiate the request.

General information that may be of assistance

The Purchasing Card is a Mastercard card issued by our bank (the Royal Bank of Scotland) and can be used to purchase from any supplier who is Mastercard capable.

Why can suppliers not use their normal credit card terminals?

A Purchasing Card terminal is different from a credit card terminal because it allows more detail about the transaction to flow through the credit card system.

Stirling Council receives this information electronically and uses it to replace the manual input normally associated with processing invoices.

There are 3 types of card terminal which are generally classed as Level 1, 2 and 3 terminals.

Level 1

This is a normal credit card terminal. We would not receive any Line Item Detail.

Level 2

With a Level 2 terminal there is additional VAT information that flows. This allows us to automatically reclaim the VAT. We still would not receive Line Item Detail.

Level 3

Level 3 terminals provide the VAT information as with Level 2 and in addition also provide Line Item Detail. This detail assists the cardholder to reconcile their transactions and is an Internal Audit requirement for transparency.


Last updated: Tuesday, February 16, 2021 1:55 PM