Roundabout Charges

Bookings can only be made in blocks of 12 weeks (this includes an initial admin fee of £100).

See below for initial costs for a 12 week period (excluding vat).

Roundabout Number of signs per roundabout
Total costs for a 12 week period
Logie Roundabout 3 £1,225 (inclusive of admin)
Manor Powis 4 £1,600 (inclusive of admin)
Muirton 4 £1,600 (inclusive of admin)
Springkerse 5 £1.975 (inclusive of admin)
Millhall 4 £1,600 (inclusive of admin)
Skeoch 3 £1,225 (inclusive of admin)
Castleview 4 £1,600 (inclusive of admin)
Greencornhills 4 £1,600 (inclusive of admin)


Only one advertiser per roundabout and all signs on each roundabout must be taken.


Download or View the document re - dimensions of roundabout advertising. 



Last updated: Thursday, March 3, 2022 11:39 AM