Eligibility for council nursery transport

Nursery transport will only be considered in exceptional circumstances although only one of the following need apply for an application to be made.

Exceptional Circumstances may include the following:

  • Any child who is recorded or at risk of being recorded on the Child Protection Register.
  • A change in family circumstances which has caused acute stress and where grave or specific concerns have been identified by an appropriate agency. 
  • Children just removed from the Child Protection register.
  • Children with Special Educational Needs.
  • Developmental needs as assessed by Head of Establishment.
  • Children who are looked after by the local authority, are under a Statutory Supervision Order or are in foster care and do not meet any other eligibility criteria. 
  • A family with an additional Health Plan Indicator (HPI). HPI indicates that the child, and/or their parent, requires sustained additional input from professional services to help the child attain their health and development potential. 
  • Family stress (e.g. urban/rural deprivation, bereavement, multiple births, chronic illness, mental health issues, relationship breakdown) this list is not exhaustive.  
  • No personal transport.
  • No access to public transport.
  • No options to car share.
  • Rural isolation. 

How to apply for transport to nursery

Contact your child’s head of nursery if you feel your circumstances qualify your child for nursery transport.

Once a request for nursery transport has been approved by the Service Manager, Early Years and Early Intervention, transport is arranged by the Transport Co-ordinator who will liaise with an approved taxi firm and have arrangements put in place. 

Last updated: Wednesday, January 19, 2022 12:19 PM