How to enrol your child at primary school

  1. Select the required school from one of the drop-down lists above.

  2. Select the enrolment form button from the top of the school page. 

  3. Once you have submitted the form the school will receive a copy but you will still need to attend during the enrolment dates to verify your residency within the catchment area. 

  4. You are required to provide both a birth certificate and proof of residency. If you cannot prove residency within a catchment area you should submit a placing request.
Enrolment for school takes place in January each year. 

All children should enrol at their catchment primary school in January of the year they are wishing to start school.

Even if your child attends a nursery class located within a primary school you must still register at the catchment primary school.

How to enrol your child at a different school (placing request)

If you wish your child to attend a school other than the catchment school you are required to make a placing request.

Please note: you must still apply for a place in your catchment school (which may be changed later).

Placing request can only be granted where surplus space exists. Some schools are unable to admit placing requests due to high numbers of catchment pupils.

Last updated: Thursday, May 14, 2020 2:42 PM