Easter Holiday PaymentsFamilies with children registered as eligible for Free School Meals (FSM) on the basis of low income will receive the following payments directly into bank accounts by Thursday, 1 April:

  • Free School Meals (FSM)
    Through funding from the Scottish Government, a payment of £26.40 (£2.40 per day, per child) will be paid to each P1-S6 pupil eligible for FSM. This will cover the 11 days of the Easter school holiday period (2 April to 16 April 2021).
  • Spring Hardship Fund
    The Scottish Government has provided funding to tackle financial insecurity for children and young people from low income households.
  • A one-off payment of £100 will be paid for children of school age who are currently receiving FSM on the basis of low income. This payment is also available for pre-school children who are eligible for free lunches in early learning and childcare settings based on the FSM eligibility criteria.
  • An application form should be completed for pre-school children if you have not already done so. The application process will remain open until 23 April 2021, and the payment will be paid by the end of April 2021 for any new applications.
  • Holiday Fun Clubs
  • Stirling Council will make an additional payment to families with children who receive free school meals as part of its commitment to support those in need.
  • With the Council’s Fun Clubs unable to run during the school holidays due to the ongoing pandemic, the money used to deliver the clubs will be paid directly to eligible families.
  • The payment will be £75 per pupil (P1-S6) who are in receipt of free school meals and it will support food and activities during the Easter Break.

Please contact  finservices@stirling.gov.uk if you have any queries.

Please note that all as pupils will return to school from 19 April 2021, no further FSM payments will be made from this date.

More information on Free School Meal eligibility and payments

If you have already had your child's free school meals assessed and your bank account details have not changed there is no need to reapply.

We have used the bank details from your Footwear & Clothing Grant application to make payment, if you have not already done so, please complete this form to authorise your bank details.

Please do this straight away - if this form is not returned, we will be unable to make future payments.

Those who are not registered but are now eligible should complete the application form below. 

Please contact our Revenue and Benefits team via email finservices@stirling.gov.uk or telephone 01786 233210 if you would like to discuss this further.

Please read the Privacy Notice before completing the form.

This Application Form is for school year 2020/21 only.

All P1 to P3 pupils automatically receive Free School Meals whilst at school. However this food payment will only be made if you are in receipt of a qualifying benefit and therefore eligible.

Please check the qualifying criteria below to establish if eligible for this fund.

  • Income Support or Jobseekers Allowance.
  • Both Working Tax Credit and Child Tax Credit with a household income of £7330 or less.
  • Universal Credit with a monthly earned income of not more than £610.
  • Child Tax Credit only with an annual income of less than £16,105.
  • Income related Employment and Support Allowance.

If you are eligible to claim free school meals for your child/children in P1 to P3 please complete the application form below.

All P4 to S6 pupils who are currently in receipt of free school meals due to qualifying criteria will be entitled to this payment. The payment will automatically be made by bank transfer to the bank account your child/children’s footwear and clothing grant was paid into. If your bank details have changed please Contact Us (finservices@stirling.gov.uk) to update your bank details.

If your child is S4 to S6 and you did not complete a free school meals application form but the free school meals was awarded when their EMA application form was approved please complete the below form to confirm your bank account details.

Your Details (Parent/Carer/Guardian)

Your Details
Bank Details (Payment cannot be made to Post Office accounts or by Cheque)

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