Public Health funerals 

These are for people who have died and have no known relatives to arrange or pay for their funeral or have relatives who are unable to arrange their funeral.

In such circumstances, the Local Authority in which the deceased died, will make arrangements for the funeral and where possible, reclaim any costs incurred in doing so.

Regulatory Services

Public Health funerals are dealt with by specialist officers within the Public Health Team of the Service.

Public Health funerals were carried out in the last 5 years by this Local Authority.

Direct Funerals

It is a difficult time for the bereaved family who are not only dealing with the loss of their loved one but are also bearing the responsibility of organising the funeral.  A funeral can be expensive, often costing thousands of pounds.  Recent figures show that a funeral (burial in an existing lair) costs on average £3,600 however by arranging part of the funeral yourself, significant savings can be made.

Stirling Council's Cemeteries Service offers an alternative approach.  Our aim is to provide a service that is affordable and one that won't leave families in financial hardship.  This will be achieved by our staff taking on certain responsibilities normally carried out by Funeral Directors.  

What we offer for the cost of £1,800 (subject to inflation) is:

  • Transfer your loved one to a place of rest and them to a Cemetery of your choice.
  • A standard coffin in light wood veneer or dark wood veneer.
  • The family will be met at the Cemetery entrance on the day of the interment. 
  • The coffin will be placed atop the grave or on trestles a short distance away. 
  • Ceremonial cords will be handed out by our staff. 

All other elements of the funeral such as family cars, flowers and hospitality can be arranged privately by the family. 

You can contact us on 01786 237778 or 01786 237780 during working hours for more information.

Funeral Support Payment

The Funeral Support Payment is delivered by the Scottish Government and is a one-off payment to help people on low-income benefits with a contribution towards the cost of a funeral.

It replaces the Department for Work and Pension’s Funeral Expenses Payment in Scotland.

Applications for the Funeral Support Payment are accepted from the date of death, up until six months after the funeral has taken place. Anyone who meets the eligibility for the Funeral Support Payment and has already paid for a funeral within the last six months will be able to apply retrospectively, as long as they haven’t already received a Funeral Expenses Payment from DWP.

Apply online

Most people take around 25-35 minutes to complete the form.

People will be able to apply online

  • do not have a permanent address
  • do not have a bank account and have agreed on a way for the Department for Work and Pensions to pay you

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