Guidance Notes for Applicants
  1. Under Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982 as amended Stirling Council is responsible for dealing with all applications for public processions to be held in the boundary area of Stirling Council.
    These notes are to assist you in complying with the law when making applications.

  2. All public processions, of whatever type, require the approval of Stirling Council. There are no exemptions.
    The Council has the power to prohibit a procession or impose conditions on the holding of it.

  3. All applications and completed risk assessment forms for public processions should be sent to us.

    A copy of the application must also be sent at the same time to:
    Police Scotland,
    Licensing Department,
    West Bridge Street,
    Falkirk, FK1 5RJ.

    If a procession is to be held in the area of more than one Council - application must be made to each of the Authorities concerned.

    By signing the application the Organisation binds themselves to pay for or make good any loss or damage to Stirling Council property during the course of the procession.

  4.  Applications must specify:-
    (a) the name of the organisation;
    (b) the date and time of the procession;
    (c) the route of the procession;
    (d) the number of persons likely to take part;
    (e) the name, address and telephone number of the person proposing to hold the procession and responsible for the application; and
    (f) the arrangements which that person has made for control of the procession.

  5. The Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982 requires that you give both the Council and the Chief Constable a minimum period of 28 days notice before the date of the proposed procession. Please give as much advance notice as possible of a proposed procession.

    Please note: Applications which are received at less than twenty eight days notice may be refused.

    If lodging an application at less than 28 days notice, please give an explanation for the lateness of the notice.

  6. The following applications will be rejected by the Council:-
    (a) applications which are not submitted by the person actually responsible for the arrangements; and
    (b) applications which do not give an effective contact address for this person (a Box Number is not an effective contact address).

  7. If Stirling Council refuse to grant an application or grant it subject to conditions, the person who gave notice of the proposal to hold a public procession has a right of appeal to the Sheriff.

  8. These notes give general guidance only. The appropriate legislation is contained in Part V of the Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982 as amended by Paragraph 3 of Schedule 2 of the Public Order Act 1986 to
    which reference should be made for a detailed statement of the law.

  9. Depending on the nature of the procession, you should also consider what other licences, permits and certificates (eg public entertainment licence, liquor licence, lottery permit) you require. The approval 

    of the procession does not constitute a grant or approval of any other licence, permit or certificate.

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