Stunning aerial video footage has captured the wide range of fishing on offer in beautiful countryside locations across Stirling.
Snowy River Teith

Anglers flocked to the River Teith on Friday (1st February) to celebrate the opening of the salmon fishing season, with Stirling Council offering some of the best value for money fishing in the UK.

New drone footage released on the official Stirling Council Fisheries Facebook page (please see here, River Teith and River Forth, to view the films) offers a taste of the breath-taking panoramic scenery that can be enjoyed around the Rivers Teith and Forth.

Fisheries Manager Scott Mason also provides a helpful commentary by talking through both beats, detailing everything anglers need to know about these fantastic sites.

Seasoned and budding anglers alike can learn about when to come, how to fish the beats and what tackle to bring, while nature lovers can sit back and enjoy the amazing views of some of Scotland’s most scenic rivers.

The beat on the River Teith is situated in the heart of the Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park in the picturesque town of Callander. There is around 1.4 miles of double bank fishing which offer fantastic fly fishing water, while some pools are more suited to spinning, so there really is something to suit everyone.

Fisheries Manager Scott Mason said: “We offer a large variety of fishing that really is special and unique for all anglers, thanks to the amazing range of locations we can offer.

“The iconic River Teith really is a gem of Scotland. It not only produces fantastic runs of salmon but also produces large runs of sea trout every season. Predominantly the main runs of salmon come in early season, with prime time being March through to May, while sea trout fishing runs from April to July.

“The River Forth beat sits in the footprint of Stirling Castle, right in the heart of Scotland. It offers fishing from February through to late October, whether your preference be fly fishing or spin, and regardless of the conditions on the river there are many spots available for anglers to use throughout the year.”

Celebrity angler James Stokoe, winner of the BBC’s ‘Earth’s Wildest Waters – The Big Fish’ competition, stepped forward to throw a traditional quaich of single malt in to the waters to toast the new season on Friday.

After a successful trial last year, anglers are again being welcomed to fish for free on the Council’s sections of the River Teith between Friday 1st February and Saturday 9th February.