Free sanitary products are now available for the public in Stirling Council facilities as part of the local authority’s ongoing commitment to tackle poverty.
Launch of Santitary Products in Schools

A wide range of the products have been placed in public buildings, including libraries, mobile libraries, community centres and halls, the Council HQ and culture venues.

The supplies will be located in toilets and will be clearly signposted, with no limits placed on the amount people can take away.

The Council’s community services, such as the Employability Team, Advice Service Team and the Springkerse Homeless Unit, will also offer free access for the public.  

Funding for the initiative has come from the Scottish Government, and the local authority will expand the service into more venues and organisations, using the lessons of this first phase of the rollout to ensure its effective delivery. 

Meeting the needs of all our communities

Convener of Stirling Council’s Community Planning and Regeneration Committee, Cllr Chris Kane said: “Having these essential products freely available in community facilities across Stirling will allow people access to them when they need them, ensuring they don’t experience anxiety, embarrassment or disadvantage.

“Using a phased approach will allow us to monitor uptake and how to successfully increase access to this provision, meeting the needs of all our communities.  

“This initiative is one of many ways the Council is tackling poverty 365 days a year, and it comes ahead of a really important campaign which will shine a light on this issue and how we are working together with our community partners to address inequalities.”

Schools and nurseries in Stirling already offer free sanitary products and secondary school pupils been praised by for opening up the conversation around periods by the Scottish Government and COSLA.

Young people took ownership of the issue and employed a number of innovative methods to reduce the stigma and embarrassment. This included young people at Stirling High forming the ‘Panda Posse’ to make sanitary products a more approachable subject.

End the stigma

Vice Convener of the Community Planning and Regeneration Committee, Cllr Maureen Bennison said: “These products are a necessity for people, not a choice, and I am delighted that this important scheme is being introduced in Council buildings across Stirling.

“We were really proud of how our young people helped change perceptions and opened up the conversation around periods and sanitary supplies, not just in schools but in communities as well.

“We now want to build on their important work as we expand this crucial service across Stirling, ensuring everyone who menstruates can access this service and end the stigma surrounding this subject.”

To see the full list of all the Council facilities where free sanitary products are available, head to the Stirling Council website

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Pictured at the Mayfield Community Centre in Stirling Picture from left is Amanda Aitchison, Team Leader Facilities Management; Cllr Maureen Bennison; Neil Jardine, Stirling Council; Lindsay McKrell, Stirling Council Team Leader for Libraries and Archives; Cllr Chris Kane; Barbara Fulfold, Stirling Council Community Library Officer; Janice Fanning, Stirling Council Catering and Cleaning Manager