Plans to build 11 affordable houses have been given conditional approval by Stirling Council’s Planning and Regulation Panel.
An document that has been stamped as 'Approved'

The proposed development site just outside Killearn, bounded by Lampston Road to the north east, Station Road to the north west and open pasture land to the south. The 11 properties in the development will be allocated for affordable social housing.

Officials gave approval for the application from Rural Stirling at a meeting of the Planning and Regulation Panel (5 October) subject to a list of conditions outlined in appendix 1 of the report.

Convenor of the Planning and Regulation Panel, Cllr Alasdair MacPherson said: “I’m pleased to see that more affordable homes will be built and am satisfied that the conditions outlined respond to the objections that were made during the application process.

“The developer’s application adheres to the relevant legislation and I am content that the development is in accordance with the Council’s local development plan which will deliver high quality and affordable housing to Killearn. The site will contain appropriate landscaping that can achieve integration between the built development and the countryside beyond.”

Vice Convenor, Cllr Danny Gibson, said: “I am satisfied that the conditions of approval will ensure that the new homes will make a great addition to the area while, at the same time, respect the existing landscape which is cherished by locals.

“All relevant laws and professional judgement from Council officers indicate that the conditions placed on this application will satisfy those who had raised objections and I look forward to seeing these high quality, affordable homes being completed in the near future.”