Stirling Council has awarded more than £125,000 to eight projects that will help the regeneration of communities.

As part of the Council’s Placed Based Investment Programme (PBIP), community groups and third sector organisations were invited to apply for the grants from a £150,000 fund.

Of the 15 applications submitted, eight were successful and will receive funding ranging from £2,930 to £25,000. The successful bids were: 

  • Bannockburn Community Council for picnic benches and planters.
  • Bannockburn House for creation of accessible gardens.
  • Cambusbarron Development Trust for developing Gillies Hill Community Woodland.
  • Ceangail Community Studio for the creation of a TV/Film studio developing skills and improving employability.
  • Creative Stirling Hub to provide more studio space, teaching and kitchen facilities.
  • Transition Stirling for the upgrade of space used for community food, repair and tool library services (Green Market Project).
  • Trossachs Community Trust to develop the new road entrance and car park at Old Trossachs School, along with formalising three informal passing places, for the community asset transfer project.
  • Fintry Community Business Hub and Events Space to further develop a rural business and events hub.


Convener of Stirling Council’s Finance and Economy Committee, Cllr Margaret Brisley said: “It has been inspiring to read such ambitious, community-focused applications from a wide range of organisations.

“This diverse list of projects will deliver positive change in locations across Stirling and support the Council’s commitment to create vibrant, inclusive and accessible communities.” 

The initiative is part of a £735,000 package of investments that was approved by the Council’s Finance and Economy Committee in June following the award of a central grant from the *PBIP.

Applications had to meet a strict list of criteria including:

  • Investments should be shaped by the needs and aspirations of the local communities.
  • Support ambitions such as town centre revitalisation, community-led regeneration, community wealth building and *20-minute neighbourhoods.
  • Accelerate ambitions for net zero, wellbeing and inclusive economic development and tackling inequality.

Fantastic response

Vice Convener, Cllr Allison Laurie said: “There was a fantastic response to the call for applications over the summer and I look forward to seeing these exciting community-led projects become a reality and benefit the lives of local people.

“We’ll support communities in any way we can throughout the next stage of the process, and for those not successful this time, I would urge them to develop their plans in line with the criteria so they can reapply when more funding is released.”

More info and picture details: 

*The PBIP is a Scottish Government programme. Its objectives are to ensure investments are shaped by the needs and aspirations of the local communities, accelerating ambitions for place, 20-minute neighbourhoods, town centre action, community-led regeneration and community wealth building.

**Neighbourhoods where people can meet their needs within a 20-minute walk from their house.

Pictures show some of the successful projects: Old Trossachs School, Fintry Community Business Hub and Events Space; Transition Stirling’s space they are transforming into a market place; and the Creative Stirling Hub, with one of the hub resident artists David Galletly at work in the studio (Picture credit Creative Stirling).