Plans to bolster Stirling Council’s support to people fleeing the war in Ukraine will go before a special meeting of Council today (28 April).

Councillors will consider a report which outlines the significant local community response to help those displaced by the ongoing conflict and details how the Council will step up to support the humanitarian effort.

The Russian invasion in February 2022 has sparked the worst refugee crisis in Europe since the Second World War and the United Nations estimates 4.3million people have now fled the country.

Both the UK and Scottish Governments have established resettlement schemes to help those displaced by the war find sanctuary: Homes for Ukraine, The Scottish ‘Super Sponsor’ Scheme and the Family Visa Scheme.

The Council and Stirling’s communities have a strong track record in resettling refugees in recent years from the conflicts in Syria and Afghanistan and families across the Stirling Council area have already signed up in considerable numbers to offer space in their own homes while a growing number are already welcoming Ukrainian families to Stirling.

Whilst the Ukrainian resettlement schemes differ, both in complexity and numbers, to previous schemes, the Council is once again working closely with families, communities and community planning partners to offer support and advice to both local sponsoring households, and their Ukrainian guests.

At today’s meeting, Council will be asked to approve the use of funding to ensure we can continue to provide this essential support to sponsoring families and their Ukrainian guests. This funding will, in the main, be met by Government grants.

A live broadcast of the Special Council meeting will be streamed on the Council’s YouTube channel and the Council report set to be discussed can be downloaded here.