The Council will invest more than £18 million in housing across Stirling’s communities over the coming financial year.

Around £10 million has been earmarked to build 70 new homes as part of the housing capital programme approved at a Special Meeting of Stirling Council.

A further £900,000 will be invested in renewable technologies for the Council’s existing housing estate, delivering up to 137 new solar panels and battery storage units to homes across Stirling.

The report also outlined a commitment to undertake £7 million of internal and external renewals on existing stock, including work to fit new kitchens, bathrooms, windows and central heating.

Increasing the number of new homes

Housing Portfolio Holder, Councillor Jim Thomson, said: “We want all of Stirling’s communities to benefit from high quality, energy efficient housing and the plans laid out for the forthcoming financial year will not only improve the quality of the housing we can offer but also help us increase the number of homes.

“It is one of our keys aims to deliver more affordable and well managed homes to meet local needs and I look forward to seeing the new houses delivered.”

Investment in renewable technologies

Joint Depute Portfolio Holder, Councillor Danny Gibson, said: “It’s important that investment in renewable technologies is part of our housing capital programme to help improve energy efficiency and reduce costs, especially at a time when living costs are on the rise and our residents are facing significant financial pressures.”

Upgrading existing houses

Joint Depute Portfolio Holder, Councillor Alasdair MacPherson, added: “We understand that housing remains a priority for our residents and we are working hard to improve the lives of tenants and prospective tenants in Stirling through the 2022/23 housing capital programme.

“This budget will help build more sustainable and energy efficient new homes, while providing comprehensive improvements and upgrades to our existing Council houses.”