Electronic submission of applications for building warrants and other related forms, such as completion certificates are now possible through a national portal.  It also enables multiple site users to collaborate in producing any single application online.

Online applications are simple, they save applicants time and money and will be delivered to us swiftly, enabling us to start considering applications sooner.

eBuildingstandards.scot will access, through the eDevelopment.scot home page, a new single landing page leading to both the new eBuilding Standards service and also to the ePlanning service.


There is a single eDevelopment.scot login process, so if you are already registered on ePlanning.scot, you will be able to use the same login details for eBuildingstandards.scot. More information is available in the eBuildingstandards flyer.

Architects and Agents Forum Meetings 

Building Standards Service host bi-annual forum meetings with our local Architects, please find details of our most current feedback and questionnaires below.

Feedback Form Results - October 2017

Survey Results - October 2017

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