We’re Binning It

Bag your doggie’s do-dos and you can put them in any bin, even your grey one at home.

Your Say

We listened when you told us in our most recent resident’s survey that dog poo is something that’s a constant problem.

Dog owners who don’t bag it and bin it may be fined £80.

When walking your dog please always bag and bin dog waste. 

The Dog Fouling (Scotland) Act 2003 makes it an offence if you do not clean up after your dog in any public open space subject to:
  • a fixed penalty fine of £80 or
  • or a report to the Procurator Fiscal resulting in a fine of up to £500

It is an additional offence for the dog owner to refuse to provide their name and address subject to a fine of up to £500

The Dog Warden Service has an ongoing campaign to raise awareness of responsible dog ownership.  Initiatives include:-

  • raising awareness with local dog owners in known problem areas e.g. parks
  • working with community groups
  • giving talks to schools
  • participating in the “Crucial Crew” safety programme for primary schools
  • visiting local dog clubs
  • providing 300,000 free poop scoop bags per year from Council offices, recreation centres and libraries
  • erecting “No Fouling” signs and dog bins

If you have a problem with dog fouling in your area the call Stirling Council’s Dog Warden Service on 01786 404040

If you have a complaint or wish to report any issues with dogs you can you use the online forms to do this:

  • Dog complaints - general
  • Barking dogs
  • Dog fouling
  • Dog welfare
When reporting a dog fouling problem please provide the following information:-
  • location/s
  • time of fouling
  • owner’s name and address if known
  • breed/description
  • your own contact details
  • any other relevant information e.g. frequency
The actions which the Dog Warden can take to resolve dog fouling problems include:-
  • advising the owner of their responsibilities
  • where appropriate, raising awareness with local dog owners e.g. in parks
  • seeking co-operation of local dog owners by erecting signs and providing dog bins
  • where necessary, taking formal action against offenders either by serving a £80 fixed penalty notice or reporting the matter to the Procurator Fiscal

Last updated: Tuesday, October 26, 2021 4:43 PM