Shielding is a measure to protect people who are clinically at high risk from the Coronavirus. If you have received a letter from the Government you will be able to apply for a free food delivery.
This page seeks to answer any questions you have about support regarding food deliveries and additional help the Council can offer.  

Yes.  The Council is working in partnership with the Scottish Government and the NHS to make sure you receive a food delivery on a weekly basis.  With your permission, the information you share with us will be sent to the NHS to let them know you want a food delivery.  The NHS will then coordinate with the government and deliver a food parcel to you on a weekly basis.  

As well as food, you can apply for help from the Council to collect prescriptions, dog walking and safe social contact over the telephone. The Council has coordinated volunteers and colleagues to support our communities and to make sure people who have been asked to stay at home have someone to speak to if they need help.  You can contact us online or over the phone by phoning 01786 404040.

You can send a text message to the number on your letter that will go direct to the NHS's SMS Shielding Service.  The information that you send in the text message will be used to provide you with the same weekly food delivery the Council would organise on your behalf.  You can opt into this service via text and you can opt out via text.

You can send a text message to apply for the food delivery or you can ask the Council to send your details to the NHS.  Either way, if you are eligible, you will receive this support.

Brakes and Bidfood are contracted by the Scottish Government to deliver food packages to people's doors, this will include remote areas.  Deliveries will be made once a week.  Stirling deliveries are taking place on a Thursday or Friday.  Food packages will arrive within 1 week at the latest of people requesting it, and will continue to be delivered weekly.  This is for people identified as shielding and who have applied via the SMS Shielding Service or the Council.

Product Quantity
Coffee 1 x 50g
Tea Bags 40 bags
Biscuits 1 x 300g
Bread  1 x 800g
Cereal 1 x 500g
Baked Beans 2 x 415g
Soups 4 x 400g
Pasta 1 x 500g
Rice/Cous Cous/Noodles 1 x 500g
Fruit 1 1 x 5 count
Fruit 2 1 x 5 count
Shower Gell 1 x unit
Semi Skimmed UHT Milk 2 x 1litre
Cooking Sauce - Jar 1 x 350g
Potato (whole, washed) 1 x 2kg
Tinned Meat 1 x 340g
Tuna  1 x 145g
Veg (peas probably) 2 x 300g
Chopped Tomatoes 2 x 400g
Tinned Fruit  1 x 410g
Toilet Roll  2 x rolls

If you are not able to eat some of the food listed the Council can talk to you about alternatives.  You can do this by filling in our online form or contacting 01786 404040.

If you have received a letter from the Government, you can request a priority code via the SMS Shielding Service coordinated by the Scottish Government. The Government will then communicate with you direct via text.

If you have received a letter and you do not want a Government food package, you can still request the code.  You can do this direct via the Government SMS Shielding Service or you can complete our online form.  Please complete the relevant sections of the form and we will share this request on your behalf.

If you do not have a mobile number we can request this support on your behalf.  Please complete the form and we will send your details to the Government.

Please Note: The Council do not have access to priority slots. This is managed by the Scottish Government.

If you have identified as shielding because you have received a letter from the Government, with your permission, we will share your information with the NHS.  The NHS and the Government use this information to arrange a food parcel every week for as long as you have said you need to self isolate.  

If you are not shielding but still need support, our dedicate team will be in touch to update you.

Last updated: Thursday, April 9, 2020 4:21 PM