• Abandoned Vehicle report received (currently via Lagan)
  • Admin will log the report on Civica and allocate the case to an Enforcement Officer
  • The Enforcement officer renames the next folder in the sequence within ABV CASES/2019 . (use the existing naming format)*
  • The new file numbers must correspond with the entry for the vehicle the officer will put in the ‘DVLA Log 2019. *
  • Sign out the ABV camera (It’s in the cabinet behind Keith). Attend the locus, record details in your notebook. Take photos of the vehicle, include VRM and a wide shot of the locus. *
  • Save the photos to the file in ABV CASES/2019 and update DVLA Log 2019 Sign the camera back in. *
  • Check tax and MOT on MOT Checker, print as a pdf and save to the file ABV CASES/2019. *
  • Email a DVLA check request to a Supervisor - DVLA WEE system checks must be recorded on the DVLA log *
  • Supervisor will save the scanned DVLA check to the relevant file and email the requesting officer. *


Last updated: Tuesday, January 26, 2021 2:52 PM