Planning permission is required for many forms of development if your project involves the following – this is defined as development. 
  • building,
  • engineering,
  • mining
  • or other operations in, on, over or under land,
  • Or the making of any material change in the use of any buildings or other lands.

Why control development?

Planning decisions affect everyone.  They have an impact on the quality of the environment and the financial value of the land. Planning decisions can also be controversial and arouse considerable public interest, so these decisions must be made openly and impartially.

Who's responsibility is it to get planning permission?

It is your responsibility for seeking planning permission. If permission is required then work should not start until planning permission has been granted.

Planning Processing Agreement

This Planning Processing Agreement identifies the key milestones in the planning application process and lists the information required to successfully process the application. This processing agreement is not legally binding.

Next Steps

Should you require planning permission and would like some advice, then please see our page on Pre Application Advice.  


These are established by the Scottish Government and tells Councils what constitutes as development, the Council has no flexibility on this matter.

More information on what is permitted development can be found on the Scottish Government's website. Please check this information before you start any work.

Retrospective applications

The local planning authority will consider the application in the same way that they would any other application.
Retrospective permission may be granted, however, please note, there is a risk that permission may not be granted and then enforcement action may be taken.

This action could include modifying completed works or returning the development to its previous ‘permitted’ state.  Appeals can be made against the refusal.

Still unclear?

If you remain unclear if planning permission is or isn't required you can make a formal application to us through a 'Lawful Development Certificate'. You can do this on our Apply for Planning Permission page.

Last updated: Wednesday, January 19, 2022 11:25 AM