Below is a brief summary of each area of trading law that we enforce.


Most types of goods for sale must have their prices indicated.


Wide-ranging safety laws apply to many classes of goods, some of which must now carry the "CE" mark, which is a declaration that the product complies with European safety standards.


We enforce regulations about credit advertising and licensing. We provide advice on other aspects of consumer credit law.

Fair Trading  

We enforce regulations which control many trading practices which would adversely affect consumers, such as false descriptions and banned practices.


We enforce laws concerning the counterfeiting of goods.  Copied goods have included alcoholic drinks, computer software, cosmetics and designer clothing.

Weights / Measures  

We inspect weighing and measuring equipment used in both retail and industrial premises, such as shops, pubs, petrol stations and factories.  We also check the quantity markings of goods on retail sale.


We administer petrol storage licensing and explosives and poisons registrations.    

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