In order to sell fireworks, you must register with the Council to do so. The licence application form below should be completed and returned. Please ensure you have read the guidance notes included with the application form. A licence will be granted for storage, subject to an inspection of the suitability of your intended storage. Once licensed you are able to sell fireworks at specified times of the year which are:

  • Bonfire Night: 15 October - 10 November
  • Diwali:  3 days before and on the day of the festival
  • New Year:  26 December - 31 December
  • Chinese New Year:  3 days before and on the day of the festival

Storage of fireworks on a licence must be in compliance with the conditions set out in the licence.

If you wish to sell fireworks at any other time of the year you will need to purchase an additional licence. For further information please contact us.

Download an Explosives Registration Form

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Animal feed hygiene

The Feed (Hygiene and Enforcement)(Scotland) Regulations 2005 are intended to ensure that the storage and use of animal feeding stuff are adequately controlled.  The Regulations apply to most businesses who handle animal feeding stuff, including manufacturers, suppliers, farmers and livestock hauliers.  For more information, see the Food Standards Agency advice

Important Notice:

All businesses that make, use or market animal feed in Scotland need to register with Food Standards Scotland from 1 April 2021. This registration is no longer processed by this Service.

Approval applies to those establishments which carry out certain higher risk activities such as the manufacture and marketing of certain feed additives or premixtures of feed additives, or the production of feed containing specified feed additives.

For more information please visit the Food Standards Scotland Website.


Last updated: Friday, June 4, 2021 10:11 AM