On-street taxi ranks are provided for use by licensed taxis in the City Centre or places where it has been identified that they would be beneficial.

The main consideration in the location of taxi ranks is ensuring they can be safely accommodated without conflicting with other kerbside demands.

They are also sited so that passengers can board or alight from the taxi onto the footway on the nearside of the vehicle.

Location of ranks

  • Murray Place - (south) outside Nos. 45/65
  • Murray Place - (north) outside No. 80/82
  • Outside Railway Station - on Station forecourt
  • Main Street, adjacent to Square north of bus stop

All taxis and private hire cars operating within Stirling Council to hold a Stirling Council taxi or private hire car licence.

Drivers of taxis or private hire cars must hold either a taxi drivers licence (allows the holder to drive a taxi or private hire car) or a private hire car drivers licence (allows the holder to drive private hire cars only).

Further information can be obtained from the Licensing Team you can call us on 01786 404040  or by e-mail

Last updated: Monday, August 9, 2021 11:50 AM