Road Drains / Gullies Routine & Emergency Works

There are over 20,200 drains on the Stirling Council road network that are maintained. Between the months of November to April every year, every drain on the network is proactively targeted for cleaning. If the drain(s) are full of silt/debris, then our drain cleaning contractor will be cleaning them during this winter cycle. If, however, they are still blocked after Stirling Council have tried to clean them, then Stirling Council will be evaluating all of the blockages and prioritising works to get them running again as soon as we can.

Between the months of May – October every year Stirling Council targets drains that have silt levels of over 50% for additional cleansing, as these are more prone to flooding.

NOTE: Drain(s) can sometimes appear to be blocked and flooding can occur at these locations when excessive rain has occurred, or in icy conditions due to the gullies/pipes freezing. In these situations the drain(s) are unable to deal with the amount of excessive rainfall at once, or the water is unable to drain away due to the freezing conditions, and this will cause flooding, making the drain(s) appear to be blocked.

When the rain/weather has subsided for a period of time, the gullies will normally drain away back to normal. It may be a capacity issues rather than an actual blockage.

Parked Cars

If the drain(s) have parked cars on them, then the drainage contractor is unable to clean them. Stirling Council’s drainage contractor will try them again at the next cycle. If this issue remains the same, then the drain(s) will go onto a prioritisation list and cleaned when resources allow. For emergency flooding issues residents may be contacted and requested to move vehicle for access on a certain date.

Cover Problems

Sometimes drain covers may be seized or broken meaning our drainage contractor is unable to access. If you see a missing or broken drain cover you are able to report this on the website. Missing covers will be made safe until they can be replaced and broken covers will be added to the programme of works when resources allow, then will be cleaned by our drainage contractor in the next cycle.

Flooding on Roads

If the fault is due to a burst water mains pipe, Scottish Water will go and make sure there is no sewage leakage. For further information go to the Scottish Water website.

You can report drain / gully blockages on the Stirling Council website.

In the event of a major road flooding incident the Council has a provision of sandbags to help residents affected.

You can pick up sandbags from the following roads depot locations:

Last updated: Tuesday, January 26, 2021 2:51 PM