We undertake detailed examinations of reported accident history, contributory factors and traffic data as well as road layout and road maintenance issues to identify the causes of accidents and to propose possible remedies.

With limited resources it is important to prioritise sites so those that can provide the greatest benefit are treated first.

Priority for accident remedial measures is determined by

  • accident history,
  • casualty severity,
  • road classification,
  • and traffic volume.

Both the likelihood and subsequent consequences of any potential incidents must also be considered.

We produce a Road Safety Plan which demonstrates our commitment to improving road safety and helping to reduce the number of road accidents.

Responsibility for the implementation and monitoring of the action points contained within the Plan lies with the Stirling Road Safety Forum.

The Forum meets bi-annually and considered reports brought forward by the officers of the various services and agencies who are party to the Road Safety Plan - Local and Central Government, the Police, Fire & Rescue, NHS Trust, community and voluntary groups, road user associations and individual road users.

The Forum is facilitated by the Community Safety Partnership and provides the Partnership with progress reports on the various road safety initiatives.

It also makes recommendations on new areas of work and the allocation of additional resources.  Road safety forms an integral part of community safety and is incorporated into the Community Safety Plan.

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