Please consider the safety of road workers whenever you encounter road works.

It is good practice to surface roads in dry and stable weather conditions.  Surfacing works can take place in damp/wet conditions as long as air and surface temperatures are above 3 degrees centigrade.  Road resurfacing works cannot take place in sub zero temperatures, where temperatures remain below zero degrees all day or if rain is causing standing water puddles on the proposed surfacing bed or if snow and ice condition exist. 

The Scottish Road works website shows real time road works information for the whole of Scotland.

There are National Guidelines (Chapter 8 of The Traffic Signs Manual) to cover traffic management layouts for all road works. The reason this legal document exists is to protect both travelling public as well as road workers.  Traffic Management layouts vary depending on the type of works proposed and the site constraints at every specific location.  These layouts run from simple stop/go arrangements to full road closures. 

Road closures are required because of narrow roads and the need to use large equipment to carry out repairs e.g. road pavers, chipping machines, delivery lorries.  We maintain a list of all our road closures on our website.

Last updated: Tuesday, January 26, 2021 2:54 PM