The list of Public Roads is a register of all adopted roads. 

The list consists of:
  • carriageway
  • footways and verges
  • cycle and footpaths

managed and maintained by Stirling Council as Roads Authority (under Section 1 of The Roads (Scotland) Act 1984).

Each entry consists of:
  • road name
  • locality
  • town and description.

Motorways and Trunk Roads are the responsibility of the Scottish Executive.

A Private Road is one maintained by persons or bodies other than the local Roads Authority. The private designation does not imply the road is not for use by the general public.

This register is considered to be a comprehensive record of the Council's list of roads. However, the register is continually being reviewed and updated to improve the quality and accuracy of the information provided.

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Last updated: Tuesday, September 28, 2021 3:34 PM