Certain regulations, restrictions and limits are applied to the road network in the form of Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs) to allow Stirling Council to meet its responsibility for maintaining the network and ensuring the safety of all those who use it. 


Speed limits are applied to all roads, certain weight limits are in place where necessary, and restrictions on the movements of abnormal loads are also in place.  TROs for parking/waiting restrictions are also in place throughout the Council Area.

It is important that all of these various regulations, restrictions and limits are enforced to allow for the maximum and most efficient use of the network. In addition to this, the safety of all road users and pedestrians is paramount when applying these regulations and limits.

Damage Prevention

Councils can introduce weight limits on roads to prevent damage to weak roads and bridges.
There are weight limits on a few narrow roads in rural areas where there are concerns that heavy goods vehicles could damage the structure of the road by over-running onto the verges.  

Several bridges throughout the Council area have been structurally assessed as being unable to carry all classes of road vehicles. These bridges are identified by signing showing the Maximum Gross Weight (MGW) of vehicles permitted to cross them.

New TROs Being Processed

The Stirling Council (B818) (Clearway) Order 2021

Download the Advert 2021(49) and Clearway Plans

Objection Period Expires 5 March 2021


The Stirling Council (40mph Speed Limit) (Blairlogie) Order 2021

Download the Advert 2021(45) and Blairlogie Plans

Objection Period Expires 10 March 2021


The Stirling Council (Disabled Persons Parking Space) (Revocation No 1) Order 2021

Download the Advert 2021(62)

Objection Period Expires 17 March 2021


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