Access from Castle Wynd or Castle Esplanade

Wander around the atmospheric Holy Rude graveyard and you will see headstones that are hundreds of years old. The earliest dates are from 1579. Many show the trade symbols and tools of the trade of the person who is buried there.
  • This was a favourite vantage point for the ladies of the court to watch the Royal Tournaments in the Valley and the Kings Park.
  • The Valley has been the place of execution of witches. You can see a Victorian monument that commemorates the Wigtown Martyrs. Two women were drowned in 1685 for refusing to renounce their protestant faith.
  • It is an impressive memorial to the Martyrs of the Scottish Reformation, and Covenanters, occasionally known as Salem Rock.
  • A bible and the confession of faith are sealed into a chamber within the structure.