The Rod is the symbol of the authority of the Guildry Officer to act on behalf of the Dean and Council to maintain order among the Guildry members.

This function was originally a full-time occupation of the Guildry Officer and some of his duties were to summon Guildry members to attend the Dean's Council when required by the Dean. He was also responsible for bringing "reluctant" members before the Council for punishment.

The modern function of the Guildry Officer is restricted to ceremonial duties such as "Fencing the Court" at the meetings of the Full Courts. The Guildry Officer also presents the new members when they are called forward by the Dean when the business of the Court commences. Another duty of the Guildry Officer is to lead the Dean and Council on ceremonial occasions such as "Remembrance Day" services.

The Rod was presented to the Guildry in December 1998 by Norrie Black, the present Guildry Officer and the Rod is fashioned from a hazel branch obtained from local woods around Stirling. The Rod is set with silver mounts and the top part consists of a gold reverse 4 on green jade and mounted in silver. The reverse 4 was fashioned from the gold of the wedding ring which belonged to Norrie's grandmother who spent most of her early years living at the top of the town, raising a family of 13 children.

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